About Us

East Africa Export Fund is an Impact Investment Fund set up to provide technical and financial support to exporting businesses in Tanzania with long-term and short-term financial instruments. The Fund is managed by SSC Capital (www.ssc.co.tz)

Tanzania is the second largest economy in East Africa but the value of exports going into EA market is still below the country potential, EAC only accounts for 20% of the total country’s exports.

Financing shall be done through long-term instruments mainly equity and debt, in addition to that the Fund also provides working capital to finance short-term financing needs with the maximum cash conversion cycle of 12 months.

The fund shall targets companies within the East African region

The Fund is established to meet the following objectives;

  1. To unlock the trade potential benefits of East African market
  2. To facilitate the inter-trade growth
  3. To support the growth of Tanzania SMEs with potential for regional growth
  4. To promote industrialization
  5. To facilitate job creation

Apart from financing, the Fund also offers technical advisory Services, access to market support and Information sharing

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